Shipping Policy

NOTE: This policy only applies to RIVERBUG's T-Shirt purchases. Depends on stocks / availabality

Shipping Cost/Rate

During the purchasing process, you will be presented a set of shipping rates so you can determine what are the shipping cost based on your location. The cost will included in the final / grand total.


Purchased T-Shirt will ship within 3 to 5 business days, from the date of payment. Depends on your location (locale or oversea), we will choose either standard mail or first class mail (fast courier). However, for overseas orders, we will make first class mail as a priority.

Shipping Address

You are fully responsible to provide a clear shipping address. Our company does not reponsible for any miss-shipping. Shall the shipping address is changed, do notify us as soon as possible.

Return Policy

Please refer our Refund and Return Policy page for more information.


This rarely happen but sometime customs can delay the packages delivery up to 6 weeks. However as mentioned, this rarely happen.

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