Terms And Conditions

Indemnity Form

Each participant is required to sign an indemnity form before the tour commences. This should be clearly advised by you to the participant.


It is necessary to provide a list of participants name, age, sex and nationality upon reservation (ONLINE RESERVATION FORM) for Insurance purposes by emailing to us the details together with your ORDER ID as reference. ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY YOU WILL BE TREATED PRIVATE & CONFIDIENTAL AS STRICLY AS POSSIBLE BY TRAVERSE TOURS SDN. BHD.
Claim Notification: Writen notice by guest of event likely to give rise to a claim should be submited to the INSURANCE COMPANY not later than 30 Days of the accident causing such accidental bodily injury.
Group Personal Accident Policy: Medical expenses (maximum claimable) - RM 1,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysian One Thousand Only)

Fitness Level

Only those who are physically fit may go for rafting regardless of age. However, a child although meeting the fitness level may not allowed to raft subject to our absolute discretion.


Reservation Booking Period (before tour) Payment Required Tours Remarks
Online Reservation 14 Days Full payment upon confirming online reservation ALL Tours Confirmed availabality
Telephone / Walk In 1 Days Full payment upon pick up All tours, EXCEPT Kinabatangan River Cruise Tour Based on availabality
Fax / Email 5 Days 50% deposit (from the total payment). Balance payment upon pick up. All tours, EXCEPT Kinabatangan River Cruise Tour Based on availabality


No refund can be made in respect of accommodation, meals, transportation or any other services that are included in the tour fare but not utilized.

Do also take note that, the refundable amount cannot be exchange for other items or the like.


Cancellation must be made in writing and acknowledged by our company’s reservation personnel to avoid any misunderstanding. Cancellation notice must reach us at within the following period:-

i) 1 day prior to departure, 50% (from the total amount) cancellation fee will be imposed.
ii) No show, 100% (full amount) cancellation fee will be imposed.

Cancellation Postponement of tour by Traverse Tours Sdn Bhd

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, making it is impossible or inadvisable to raft or factors that do not allow the safe conduct of a safe trip or the delivery of services as described in the itinerary, we reserve the right to change or postpone the tour to our absolute discretion. In such eventuality, no resource or claims be made against us.


Most of the tours offered by us are conducted in remote areas and or in the wilderness. The events that may occur in these places are less predictable. The unexpected is the norm. Despite painstaking organization, they cannot be taken for granted. There will be some element of risk-taking as we are dealing with nature elements. Some places do not have the same quality of emergency, health and safety services that we may be used to because of the lack of communications service. Road travel may be uncomfortable and sometimes unreliable. This means that the itineraries planned should be seen as statements of intent, rather than a contractual obligation. Weather, transport difficulties and political instability might dictate that the itineraries be amended. The land agent or the trip leader will make the necessary changes which are necessary and with or without consulting the participants. On this case, Traverse Tours Sdn Bhd will do everything within our control to minimize the effects of the enforced changes. We cannot however be held responsible for the results of changes or delays, regardless of how they are caused. We highly suggest only those are physically fit, properly geared, understand and aware of the risk on the tours to participate.


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