Rafflesia Trek

Pricing Adult from MYR 90.00 Child from MYR 90.00

The Rafflesia Species named after M. Cantley, curator of the Singapore Botanic Gardens (1880-1886). The trekking will only take around 1 hour 30 minutes. But to go there, it will take another 1hour 30minutes by lorry. The walking distance are only a few kilometer (maximum 5km).

The trek to the Rafflesia is near a little village about 12km from Gopeng, near Ipoh, Perak. To trek through the jungle to where the Rafflesia thrives, you need to engage the services of a Semai Orang Asli guide. The trek was hilly, some parts you really have to climb. Halfway up the hill, you can already see a Rafflesia. There were a few rotting carcasses here and there.

Rafflesia is parasitic and gets their nutrients from the lianas they parasitically grow on. Indeed they are a fascinating species and it is unfortunate that their main claim to fame is by being the biggest flower in the world. Rafflesia is stemless, leafless, barkless, and rootless. It is reputed to have the most awful stench but this is quite exaggerated.

In the heart of the Rafflesia, there is a feelers surrounded by something that looks like soft flesh and pale, protected by big white dotted pustules. There are about 20 species of Rafflesia known in the World and 60 types of butterflies in Kampung Ulu Geroh. The Rafflesia Cantleyi, whose flowers measure up to 55cm with perigone lobes up to 14cm long and 18cm wide, grows high up in the thick forests of Ulu Geroh.

The Orang Asli call them Bunga Pakma ( Pakma derived from the Sanskrit word of lotus ) For generations Rafflesia have been used in traditional medicine especially for post – natal remedies. A typical blooming period of the Rafflesia is within 4 to 5 days. There are hundreds of Rajah Brooke butterflies to see flitting about in a muddy area in the jungle of Ulu Geroh.

So enough of all the facts, If you really want to experience the Rafflesia trekking do contact us because there is a lot more thing that you can see by yourself and really exciting rather than reading my write up.

What would you need for the hike?

The trails are steep, wet, and slippery and part of the way may involve walking through a small stream. We recommended old sneakers with good treads or hiking shoes and old clothes. There will be lots of leeches so if you have leech socks, bring it along with you or soccer socks.


0930 hrs      

Pick up at Gopeng Toll Exit Plaza (Exit 135) who will then lead you to the parking area at Ulu River Lodge, then assemble there and transfer to Ulu Geroh (Starting Point) by lorry. Journey takes around 40 minutes.

1010 hrs     

Arrive starting point. Briefing by guide. Start trekking to Ulu Geroh. Journey will take around 3 hours which one will pass by the area of Orang Asli settlement and some part of the treks is steep so a good hiking shoes and long socks is required to avoid leech bite. Rajah Brooke Butterfly area will be visited after the visit to the Rafflessia Center.

1310 hrs     

End of Rafflesia trekking. Depart to lodge area for lunch.

1415 hrs     

Freshen up - End of Service.



Transfers within activity area,
Trek guide,
Bottled water,
Light Refreshment


Things to Bring:

Snacks / Chocolate (optional),
Insect repellent

What to Wear:

T-Shirt (long sleeves),
Good walking shoes,
Hat / cap,
Track Pants

Opens DAILY - including public holiday.
Departs in the morning and afternoon.
All ages are welcome.

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