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Mari Mari Cultural Race


Team Building Activity with a cultural twist, (Dusun House) solve puzzle InuogDazang, (Rungus House) Fire Starting, (Lundayeh House) Rope Making, (Bajau House) KuihJala Making, Learn how to wear Bajau Costume and (Murut House) Lansaran jumping trampoline-like floor

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MYR 260.00 (Adult) / Per Person

Tour Date

Pickup Place

*Only fill this if you choose Kota Kinabalu Area Hotel as Pickup Location.
*You CAN put TBA if you haven't decided where your hotel is.
**Additional charges of RM30.00 per person is chargeable for pick up from outskirts (outside Kota Kinabalu City area).

Total Pax

Note: Minimum Pax/ Participant: 5