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Mari Mari Cultural Village


If you need double the adventure, fun and excitement; this package is suitable for you. Come and explore the unique and authentic packages created for the wanderlust people.

Proboscis Monkey River Cruise + Fireflies Tour

2 Days / 1 Night Camping + Padas White Water Rafting

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Ultimate Zip Borneo

Kiulu White Water Rafting and Bicycle Ride

Kiulu White Water Rafting +Jungle Tracking

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Rumah Terbalik + 3D Museum

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Folklore Activities

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Zipline @ Flying Fox

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Proboscis Monkey + FireFlies Tour

Kiulu White Water Rafting + Mari Mari Cultural Village

The highlight of this tour is ~ of course, seeing the remarkable Proboscis Monkey in the wild! Seeing the bizarre monkey with their natural behaviour in the mangroves is truly a wonderful experience.

Besides having the opportunity to see the Proboscis Monkey, one may also get the chance to see variety of birds, the common Macaque gathering in large numbers, sighting of the rare Silver Langour, large group of water buffalo and if you're lucky enough, you may see crocodiles by the river bank.

Escape the daily hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with nature.

Kiulu River Rafting, zipline @ flying fox across the Kiulu River, abseiling, wall climbing, and high-wire ropes challenge.

Rafting in Kiulu River and hop on a ride and cycle around the market town of Tamparuli and Tuaran district

Rafting in Kiulu River & explore the magnificent countryside, home to the Dusun tribe by trekking at Tuaran district.

After Rafting, Turn your world upside down when you visit Rumah Terbalik then transforms two dimensional images into immersive 3D in 3D Museum

After rafting, Enjoy 3 folklore activities Merampanau (Bamboo Walk), Melastik (Sling Shots), and Masak-Masak Rempah (Spice Cooking).

After Kiulu White Water Rafting, zip across the Kiulu River via Flying Fox.

After rafting take a leisurely boat cruise along the Klias/Weston River with scenic view of forests which inhabit the curious-looking Proboscis Monkey

After Rafting in Kiulu River experience glimpses of the rich Sabah culture at Mari Mari Cultural Village


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